Objective - Saidham


Children are future of a Nation. Every Child should have access to wholesome food, good education and appropriate health care


Sai Dham is a non profit organization providing free education to the poor and unprivileged children, free skill development with placement to the poor and rural youth, facilitating mass marriages of poor girls and providing better health facilities to the needy irrespective of caste, creed and religion.


Child Education

Provide children living in slums and slum like conditions with an environment that is conducive to expressing their true potential and making them rise above the limitations inherent in their situation, so they can leap forth into bright future. And to provide complete education with food, clothing, study material and health care to them.

Vocational Training

To provide an opportunity to young girls hailing from under-privileged segment of the society the institution is imparting free training in the trades of tailoring on industrial sewing machines and arranging their placements in export houses

Mass Marriages

To mitigate hardship poor people face in arranging funds for marriage of their daughters, Sai Dham organizes mass marriages of poor girls four times in a year, irrespective of caste and creed and without any expenditure to their parents. Besides rituals, breakfast and lunch, the couples are given numerous items of daily use as gift, at the time of Bidai.


To provide free healthcare, Sai Dham has set up 18 Homoeopathic dispensaries along with Allopathic clinics for TB, Eyes, Dental, Gynecology and Medicines serving more than 1200 patients per day.


We are supporting three orphans which are being looked after by a teacher who happens to be their relation.

Government Schools

Pleased with our service to humanity, particularly in the field of education to the rural poor and the under-privileged, the Government of Haryana has handed over to us the management of eight of their schools in Faridabad to improve hygiene, infrastructure and quality of education.