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India is a developing country yet a major population of the country is still thriving hard to sustain a living. What is most bothering is the share of children who are facing grim future prospects due to their current dwelling conditions and penury. Major statistics show the reality check that a whopping 35 million children are deprived of erudition. Although some centers seek online donation but still illiteracy is considerably higher in the country. Literally, just half of the age group between 6-14 years afford learning. Even after independence till date, just 47% of the girls till 9 years have enjoyed schooling. This is grave irony when we talk of a developing India. It’s shameful that the future of India is facing such unethical treatment in society and the conditions are even deteriorating. We can sponsor child education in India for as low as Rs. 700 per month and Rs. 8400 yearly in by donating to some privileged NGOs.

Being a humongous populated place, the unemployment gap is going wider and visibly prominent. This has led the deprived class to find means of livelihood through extra income from their children who need to work at a very young age to feed their siblings and parents. The kids’ future is obviously crushed to glum and they become a burden to the country because the government has to spend millions of rupees annually to rehabilitate them from our income tax. This cycle of the poor families transgresses further due to lower wage payout yet working harder owing to illiteracy. This class is not much aware about labor laws so most children work even extra time without overtime bonus.

We can see many roadside dhabas and tea stalls where toddlers wash up the utensils with their tiny hands, often getting tired, eyes sleepy, devoid of motherly love. The deep emotion becomes dead when they eagerly watch other children in attractive clothing, eating good food and burning crackers because these distraught kids can barely afford a meal. It’s pathetic to see how humanity is killed so barbarously. This vignette is a strong portrayal of realism and the bitter world we live in but for every question, there is an answer and for every hapless being, there is God.

Saidham, an NGO working under the aegis of Dr. Motilal Gupta, is a strong believer of education and healthcare for every child. It has been incessantly working under Dr. Gupta’s strong visionary approach to give a wholesome living to the depressed blossoms of society. The institute established over three decades ago has been continuously providing free child education in India and healthcare benefits to the kids entirely free of cost.

The organization believes that each child has the right to quality education and nutritious food and that proves by over 2000 underprivileged kids seeking free erudition and mid day meal through online donation and has two schools under Saidham, one in Faridabad and another one in Bundelkhand. With a sprawling area accommodating more than 1000 pupils in each school, the institute is indeed an example of compassion to reckon with. The schools are not just a regular one. They undertake smart classes, projector based and e-learning classes. There is a big library also having different study material as well as a fully furnished computer lab. Saidham manages transport too for the kids who have conveyance problems. Free interstate itineraries are done for kids to make them enjoy learning with fun.

Dr. Gupta knows how education is important for everybody and so, he has worked hard to incorporate vocational studies in the institution’s curriculum where the youth can enroll in free certification programs like mechanics, plumbing, laptop and mobile repairing et al. Girls also get to learn tailoring on industrial machines, do beautician courses and get computer program certification from NIIT. They are further assisted in getting a good job once the course completes. Currently, most of them are employed in reputed companies on a monthly package of Rs. 12000 and above.

Apart from schooling and courses, the institution also sponsors 25 group marriages every quarter of the year when we donate online. These couples are also given gifts to easily start a family.

It’s a fact that all of these programs need help from volunteers and kind persons from the community to continue the good work because there are high overheads to run the whole system as even the school books, bag, uniform and other amenities require funds to keep the school running.

“Donate for education” is the purpose of Saidham because the grant will help distraught blossoms get quality education and construction of a respectable society in the future. For this purpose, the institute also welcomes online donation on its portal. All payment including money donation and payment by check or bank transfer is exempt from tax under section 80G of the I-T Act.

So let’s create a smarter India and a smarter tomorrow for our kids and our future and donate online for children education in India.

For just Rs. 700 per month and Rs. 8400 per annum, it is very easy to donate for child education in India and give them a secured future.

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