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Children are the future of Humanity. Every Child should have access to wholesome food, good education and appropriate health care

Saisevak Motilal Gupta

Donate for Education-

With the objective of providing free education, Shirdi Sai Baba School has been running successfully under the able guidance of Sh. Motilal Gupta.

Free Child Education

Touched by the plight of poor rural children from neighboring clusters, loitering aimlessly around our campus, it occurred to us that these children needed an opportunity to be educated along with some incentives to motivate them to do so. We established NGO for Children Education and since 1st April 2004, Shirdi Sai Baba School is providing free education with breakfast, mid-day meal, uniform, study material and health care to these children. The efforts to motivate bore fruit and the number of children has since risen to more than 1050, out of which over 40% are girls. It is desired that large number of girls are brought forward to the field of education to achieve women empowerment.

Means and methodology adopted in achieving the objective of motivating the kids:

Initially when NGO for Children Education came in action and Shirdi Sai Baba School was started, absenteeism was very high and even the parents were reluctant to send their wards to the school, instead expecting their wards to work and add to the family income. This hurdle was overcome by employing a novel method of motivating the parents by extending material help to the family by providing clothing, LIC cover, facilitating marriage of their daughters, medical care, adult education and taking them on excursion tours along with the children.

High Quality Computer Education:

To make education of these children compatible with the modern technology, we liaised with Dr. Nilima Sabharwal, founder & CEO of the Home of Hope Inc., a USA based non-profit organization which provided new technology based computer lab consisting of 24 computers and coaching through the famous NIIT Foundation, New Delhi for the overall development of these children. Lately one computer lab has been added courtesy the Rotary Clubs of Faridabad.

Edu-Comp Smart Classes:

Saidham, NGO for Children Education and bringing a successful transformation to Digital Technology we have introduced Edu-Comp Smart Classes where teachers now use videos, animations, live images and captivating graphics while teaching subjects such as Math, Science, Social Studies and English right inside their classrooms turning the learning more interesting and effective for students.

Excellent Academic Result:

During the final examination of the academic year 2011-12, 832 students of our school appeared in the Nursery, KG and Classes I to VIII examination, the chart below gives a glimpse of the academic result:

40 to 49% 60 to 74% 75 to 89% 90 and above Total
246 (30%) 186 (22%) 201 (24%) 199 (24%) 832

Educational & Recreation Tours:

Saidham NGO for Children Education and to motivate these children further, our program for taking them on educational and sightseeing tours from time to time to Ranthambhore, Sariska, Agra, Mathura, Bharatpur, Vrindaban, Mughal Gardens, Akshardham and other places in and around Delhi was introduced to provide them recreation and to enrich knowledge at institutions expense.

Changes brought in:

It has been observed that Nutritious food and regular health care have not only brought healthy glow and cheer on the faces of these children but also brought in great improvement in the interest that these children are now showing in their studies and in the regularity of attending the school.

Other Facilities:

A well-furnished library, excellent chemistry and physics labs, meditation, cultural activities and indoor/ outdoor Sports facilities are also provided to the students.

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