Health Care - Saidham

Though Education and Health are Central/State governments subjects, the Govts. have miserably failed in both the directions. Although many speciality hospitals have come up in India but these all are out of common mans reach. Moreover in villages there are basic treatments. For small ailments, people have to rush to towns and cities to get the treatment.

After the founder, took to the devotion of Shri Sai Baba of Shirdi in 1986, a desire soon grew within him that he should serve the cause of the poor and needy through health care and established, one by one, 18 charitable homeopathic dispensaries and other medical services serving today about 1500 patients daily, detailed as under:

Homeopathic treatment through a network of 18 charitable clinics
Dental Clinic
TB Clinic
Gynaecology Clinic
Allopathic Medicine Clinic
Eye Clinic
Cataract Eye Operations of about 100 patients every month
HIV-AIDS awareness
Family Planning awareness
Blood Donation Camps
Ayurvedic (Herbal) treatment for Diabetes
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