SaiDham Gyan Puraskar - Saidham

In its effort to promote and propagate the importance of education, SaiDham has instituted “SaiDham Gyan Puraskar 2015”, for the first time in the history of Faridabad at such a massive scale to 30 eminent educationists, which includes Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, Dean, Founder, Managing Director, Presidents, CEOs and Principals who have made a mark in the field of education through years of dedication and commitment, to be presented by none other but an luminary Dr Harsh Vardhan, Hon’ble Minister for Science, Technology and Earth Sciences, Government of India.

Both educationist and the potter play almost a similar role in the sense of creating something unique. Students are like clay in the hands of educationists who can shape them into independent and confident individuals or into reclusive rebels. Though there are other external causes that can influence a child choosing a particular path in life, an educationist’s role in moulding the child is undeniable.

Kindly grace the solemn occasion !