About Us

SaiDham Foundation is an initiative of Shirdi Sai Baba Temple Society, Faridabad (Haryana) to serve the humanity through its various activities such as providing free and high quality education to over 2000 poor children with food, clothing, study material, sports, health care and excursions; free skill development to youth with placement; healthcare to the needy and facilitating social well-being like mass marriages, and women empowerment benefitting more than 2,00,000 families in 4 states across India.

We at SaiDham have always believed that lack of education amongst the underprivileged is the main ailment which is plaguing the nation and preventing the all-round development of individuals. SaiDham Foundation aims to transform the fundamental aspects involved in primary education. We adopt a holistic approach. Our educational program developed in response to the need for moral, character and social development of the young buds make them became responsible citizens of India.

Every Child should have access to high-quality education without cost, skill development with placement, nutritious food and proper medical care.

SaiDham Foundation provides Skill training in its premises by providing training to underprivileged in industrial sewing, dress designing, beauty culture, electronics, plumbing, electrical and hospitality etc. The programs have seen great success with huge appreciation by youth and the Corporate.

SaiDham, established in 1988, ISO 9001:2008 certified, it is a non-profit organization engaged in the socio-economic uplifting of the society, cutting across caste, creed, color and religion.


Shirdi Sai Baba Temple Society, Faridabad (Haryana) (SaiDham Foundation), a renowned NGO, established in 1988 is a not for profit voluntary organization in socio-economic uplift of the society across caste, creed, color and religion through its various activities such as providing free and quality education with incentives, skill development with placement, facilitating social well-being like mass marriages and better health care to the poor and down-trodden.


As children are future adults of the society, care should be taken for their proper up-bringing, education, food, nutrition excursion tours, sports and motivation among other things. However, children belonging to the poor and downtrodden classes of the society are deprived of these opportunities. In this context we visualized a holistic system of education under which besides school fees, cost for the study materials, food, clothing, health care and educational tours are made absolutely free and that the education is provided on modern
gadgets and computer education from class II onwards in state-of the-art labs. The argument for such unique education as visualized by us at Sai Dham is meant to mainstream the children coming from the poor and under-privileged sections of the society living in slums and backward areas as also to curb the social evil of child labour.

As humanity reached out to the moon, the mission led to a pathway for new scientific discoveries and innovations, where the world became a smaller place which is a beautiful ball of colour and full of life. But still in this period of jet era, oblivion and backwardness elude many. We know the value of education in our life and that it is a must for every child on earth, be it rich or poor. Penury of illiteracy is greater than economic poverty.

Yet there are many people who cannot afford education due to their limited resources or lack of knowledge as to how the education will bring dynamism in the lives of their children. But the necessity is that every child must get free good education with sumptuous food and proper health care!! SAIDHAM is one such institution that provides not only free education to the under-privileged, nutritious food, proper school attire, free study material, and medical benefits, personality development and feeling for respecting elders and teachers.

Briefly, SHIRDI SAI BABA SCHOOL (SAIDHAM) IS AN EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION like other best schools BUT AT NO COST TO THE PARENTS!! – an initiative of Shirdi Sai Baba Temple Society and its founder Dr. Motilal Gupta.


The aim of Sai Dham is to give absolutely free and quality education, nutritious food and appropriate healthcare to the maximum number of under-privileged children from financially weaker sections of the society. Currently, we have more than 2000 students studying in our schools at Faridabad (Haryana) and Niswara (UP)!

Running the good cause in four states cross India and going beyond caste, creed and color, Saidham Foundation has brought about significant valuable changes in students who are inculcated strong motivational approach through proper guidance and affection.

Giving the child a respectable citizen makeover, the various activities that include providing quality education, attire, study material, good and healthy midday meal and a healthcare clinic nearby to ensure their wellbeing, all at no cost, is the motive behind the foundation.

Education being the greatest milestone in everyone’s life, every kid has the right to it and would contribute to the country in the future. Giving a life of wisdom, morality and spiritual self being to these blossoms will definitely identify the true soul out of these unidentified imminent leaders.

Learning based living

For promulgation of strong learning habits in children, Saidham Foundation lays focus on the students’ intrinsic behavior patterns and spiritual enlightenment to come up a good citizenas a youth so that they return back goodness to the country.

We believe for successful wisdom, healthcare and training becomes an essential part of self-care hygiene, personality upbringing and introspection.

Our Mission

The main intention of founding Saidham as per Dr. Motilal Gupta, Chairman, is that every underprivileged child gets quality education for free, nutritious food, study material and access to proper healthcare. To serve this purpose, the institution provides all this to more than 2000 students from two schools, one in Faridabad (Haryana) and other in Niswara (Bundelkhand-UP).

Standard of teaching:

The children at Saidham enjoy proactive learning through digital learning systems, approach to highly advanced computer five labs and tutoring undertaken by well qualified faculty. They are also given free interstate tours to boost their morale and have a productive sabbatical. Saidham believes that education is the true form of intelligence to foster humanity in mankind.

Where we stand:

Making education accessible to all, Saidham Foundation has reached the remote innermost corners of rural areas where schooling does not reach people living in penury who barely afford a meal.

Saidham has incessantly worked for over 30 years illuminating the lives of distraught children and their families.

Dr. Motilal Gupta, Founder–Saidham Foundation

Born in 1934 in a reputed business family of Faridabad popularly known as Mehndiwalas, Dr. Motilal Guptadid his graduation in 1955 from Benaras Hindu University. After having led a life of a seasoned businessman, one afternoon, in April 1986, with divine inspiration, he developed an urge to serve the poor and downtrodden people of the society. In April 1988 he finally formed a charitable trust in the name of Shirdi Sai Baba Temple Society (SaiDham Foundation), situated at Faridabad on his 3 acres prime land, about 30 Kms from Delhi, Capital of India.

Today his mission in life is to serve the underprivileged and weaker section of the society. He is putting in herculean efforts in the area of free and high quality education, wiping out hunger, skill development with placement, facilitating 100 mass marriages of poor girls per year and providing health care to about 1000 needy patients daily through 18 dispensaries in different parts of the country. His endeavours have taken rapid strides, reaching out to millions of people through his various services.

Dr. Gupta, is a glowing example of how an individual’s untiring efforts coupled with determination, dedication, clarity &honesty of purpose, possessing indomitable spirit and capacity for sustained hard work of sixteen hours a day at the age of 83 years can achieve, in improving the lives of a large number of underprivileged people and provide them relief from the miseries of life. The services being rendered by Dr. Gupta have been appreciated by several individuals, dignitaries and organizations.

HONOURS – Dr. Gupta was honoured by many dignitaries and organizations which include Hon’ble Haryana Governor Jagannath Pahadia, District Administration Faridabad, Actress Shabana Azmi, American Non-profit organizations – Home of Hope Inc., UPMA Inc., Building KidzInc,, and CSR Times for his dedicated services in the fields of free education, vocational training with placement, mass marriages of poor girls and medical care to the needy.

Dr. Motilal Gupta has been awarded Doctorate of Philosophy (ConsiliariusSanitatum – Doctor – Honoris Causa) by the Yoga Samkrutham University, Florida, USA on 11th April 2017 in a convocation held at SaiDham, Faridabad, India for his immaculate services to the mankind.

People Behind SaiDham Foundation

SaiDham Foundation is managed by a Board of Advisors comprising individuals from diverse backgrounds and expertise. Members of this board meet once every quarter.

Mr. Motilal Gupta

Founder of SaiDham Foundation He has introduced a unique system of education where poor children are given free and high quality education to poor children with nutritious food, clothing, study material and health care. It is to be seen how an individual’s untiring efforts with determination, dedication, honesty of purpose, possessing in-dominative courage and capacity for sustained hard work of sixteen hours a day at an age of 83 years, can achieve in improving the lives of a large number of under-privileged persons and provide them relief from the miseries of life.

Mr. Sandeep Gupta

A graduate, Mr. Sandeep specializes in enterprise transformation, strategies, scaling up and a real estate developer.Millions of underprivileged children in India are deprived of their basic rights. They are unable to complete their education, are subjected to abuse, and forced into labour at a tender age. He has been working towards tackling these issues.

Mr. Pravin Kumar Gupta

A Chartered Accountant,worked with NTPC Ltd, a Govt. of India undertaking, retired as General Manager Taxation. He is a big asset to the organization in Funds raising, financial and taxation matters.As a Philanthropist he has multidimensional exposure spread across various sectors in India and abroad.

Mr. Mukesh Chandra IAS (Retd)

Retired Bureaucrat has vast experience and is helping the organization in its planning and execution. He constantly endeavours to optimise its resources be it in servicing our partners, donors or in building internal capacities for serving the underprivileged.

Dr. Prashant Bhalla

Chancellor of ManavRachnaInternational University.Tremendous experience in the field of education and i a big asset in making education meaningful to the poor children.

Mr. D. N. Kathuria

Founder of Venus Group of Industries has been associated with various charitable organizations and social causes aimed at alleviating various social malaise and bridging the gap or disparity in the society through various initiatives on education, healthcare, livelihood and capacity building since last two decade.

A fellow member of ICSI (Institute of Company Secretaries of India). He specialises in company secretarial services, corporate laws, business re-structuring, merger & amalgamation, merchant banking and legal matters. He was the President of ICSI.

Dr. Ira Dash Rajguru

A Doctorate in Social Sciences with specialization in HR and Women Issues, has been working with HR dept. of Unicorp and subsequently worked as a HR consultant to Ingramico, Icons & V5 Global. Interested in writing, she has authored the book “Women and Education in Rajasthan.”

Best NGO for free Children Education in India – Saidham Foundation

Children are the future of Humanity. Every Child should have access to wholesome food, good education and appropriate health careDr. Motilal Gupta.

Donate for Education-

With the objective of providing free education, Shirdi Sai Baba Schoolsof SaiDham Foundation at Faridabad (Haryana) and Niswara DistMahoba (UP) have been successfully runningunder the able guidance of Dr. Motilal Gupta.

Free Child Education

Touched by the plight of poor rural children from neighboring clusters, loitering aimlessly around the campus, it occurred to us that these children needed an opportunity to be educated along with some incentives to motivate them to do so. We established NGO for Children Education and since 12th April 2004, Shirdi Sai Baba School is providing free education with food, uniform, study material and health care to the childrenfrom weaker section of the society. The efforts to motivate bore fruit and the number of children has since risen to 1400+, out of which over 45% are girls. Our effortisthat large number of girls are brought to the field of education and achieve women empowerment.

Means and methodology adopted in achieving the objective of motivating the kids:

Initially when NGO for Children Education came in action and Shirdi Sai Baba School was started, absenteeism was very high and even the parents were reluctant to send their wards to the school, instead expecting them to work and add to the family income. This hurdle was overcome by employing a novel method of motivating the parents by extending material help to the family by providing clothing, LIC cover, facilitating marriage of their daughters, medical care, adult education and taking them on excursion tours along with the children.

High Quality Computer Education:

To make education of these children compatible with the modern technology, SaiDham Foundation liaised with Dr. Nilima Sabharwal, founder & CEO of the Home of Hope Inc., a USA based non-profit organization which in 2010 provided new technology based computer lab consisting of 24 computers and coaching through the famous NIIT Foundation, New Delhi for the overall development of these children. Now the NGO has added 4 more computer labs totaling 151 computers.

Edu-Comp Smart Classes:

Saidham Foundation, NGO for Children Education,to bring a successful transformation to Digital Technology, have introduced 16 Edu-Comp Smart Classes where teachers now use videos, animations, live images and captivating graphics while teaching subjects such as Math, Science, Social Studies and English right inside their classrooms turning the learning more interesting and effective for students.

Educational & Recreation Tours:

Saidham Foundation, NGO for Children Education, to provide them recreation and enrich their knowledge introduced a program for taking them from time to time on educational and excursion tours to Ranthambhore, Sariska, Agra, Bharatpur, Mughal Gardens and other places in and around Delhi.

Changes brought in:

It has been observed that Nutritious food and regular health care have not only brought healthy glow and cheer on the faces of these children but also brought in great improvement in the interest that these children are now showing in their studies and in the regularity of attending the school.

Other Facilities:

Excellent chemistry and physics labs, well-furnished library, meditation, arts and crafts, dance& music, cultural activities, indoor and outdoor Sports facilities are also provided to the students.


Highly qualified and dedicated faculty is employed to impart good education, to bring improvement in cleanliness, in regularity of attending the school and better behaviour with the co-students, teachers and parents.

Replica of Shirdi Sai Baba School at Niswara DistMahoba (Bundelkhand – UP)

Boyed by the success of the organization’s endeavour of providing absolutely free educational and other services to the poor and deprived children at Faridabad has borne fruit, it has set up a replica of Shirdi Sai Baba School in 2013 at Niswara, DistMahoba (Bundelkhand, UP) with the enrollment of 600+ students with a computer lab and providing free and high quality education with food, clothing, study material and health care.