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Health Care – SaiDham Foundation

India has the highest malnourished population in the world. 46% of children under the age of three are malnourished and nearly half of infant deaths are related to malnutrition. Approximately 25% of global maternal deaths occur in India. It is evident that there are fundamental health issues that need to be urgently addressed, especially among rural communities where quality and accessibility of medical infrastructure is very limited.

Health is Central/State Governments subject, the Govts. have miserably failed in this directions. Many speciality hospitals have come up in India but these all are out of common men’s reach. At SaiDham Foundation, we want to ensure universal access to public and private health care services for its rural communities through cheaper system of Homeopathy.


Creating an ecosystem for rural health with a special focus on diseases impacting about 1000 patients per day. A special focus is on eye care, maternal and childcare, as well as nutrition including anti-anaemia, de-
worming and more. Ensuring access to reliable following primary healthcare services through 18 Homeopathic dispensaries, 4 eye clinics and Sigfa Psycho Neurobics health centre:


Every individual should be empowered to live a healthy and productive life.


Empowered communities for sustainable change through our highly trained cadre of SaiDham Foundation health workers. We link our SRMs and communities to government and private health facilities as well as other NGOs and charitable hospitals.