Healthy Life can’t wait for the Poor Children

Healthy Life can't wait for the Poor Children

India is rich in heritage and the appearance of myriad cultures into unique integration makes it a beautiful country.  This factor indeed puts it into the category of the biggest democratic nation. It’s a matter of great pride yet there are some very compelling factors that create a major class difference between the opulent and the Poor Children.  The socioeconomic ratio between the rich and those living under penury is extremely vast so much so that the deprived children who could contribute to the country are way out to begging and stealing in desperation. Most of these kids belong to families which can hardly afford a one-time food to survive.  These children suffer from malnutrition, let alone education. As a society, what change we can do in this regard becomes all the more important. Provision of better food, healthcare and a good learning system is what we need to offer.

Saidham Foundation India is an NGO working incessantly to provide superior education, health amenities and nutritious midday meals totally free to the destitute.  Apart from free learning, health benefits and sumptuous food, the NGO also sponsors free books, school attire, shoes, bags and regular health checkups from time to time.

Dr. Motilal Gupta, the founding chairperson of Saidham, has devoted his life towards the cause of improving the standard of life and quality of pitiable children.  He believes every child must get erudition, healthy lifestyle and moral upbringing. The acceptance of undertaking the huge task of rehabilitation needs commendable human efforts.   Ergo, his efforts have borne fruit and currently the institute has over 2000 adolescents enrolled in the schools running under the Saidham trust.

Charity for education has been the primary objective of Dr. Gupta.  Ergo, not only for teens but the institution runs various vocational courses for youth that cost no penny.  While boys are open to join the training in mobile and laptop repair, plumbing, mechanics, etc., girls have attractive courses to enroll like tailoring on industrial sewing machines, teacher training and also computers.  Certification is provided by the leader in computer learning, NIIT to the passed out students.

Education for children means not just learning but quality learning and we fully understand its importance.  Saidham has been already employing high-end learning mechanism in the schools. The students are able to enjoy learning given on smart and digital classes since projector based education is more fun.  There is a high end library where both English and Hindi language literature is available along with various collections of short stories, snippets and poems of famous poets, writers and novelists.

The school building at Faridabad adorns a small but pretty idol of Sai Baba in the school premises along the main temple of Baba just a few yards away.  Holistic teaching of students is also necessary so the assembly starts with a morning prayer and the students take the blessings of their teachers before attending the class.  These pupils are also involved into many extracurricular activities on Annual Day celebrations.

Motivation forms the core of confidence buildup so there is theme based learning where the students are also taken on interstate trips without a cost to them.  The past trips endorsed by Saidham Foundation have been to remarkable outings like Randhambore, Gir Forest etc. Since these excursions promote the feeling of team spirit and social interaction, the students find these trips very exciting and memorable.

The students are also taught yoga and meditation to reenergize their body and extemporize the soul.  To help these blossoms become not only good youth is the need of today but being better human beings is eventually our goal.

Terming Saidham as the best NGO for Children Education in Delhi, India is justified.

In the crux, we can all endorse children education for charity trust by making the share of donation that we can easily part with and sponsor education for a child.  Come and be an important affiliate of Saidham India and contribute to the social cause for your virtuous karma.

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