Children are future of a Nation. Every Child should have access to Good education, nutritious food, and appropriate health care.


SaiDham aims to transform the fundamental aspects involved in primary education. Policies and pledges are easy to make but implementation can be difficult and goals hard to achieve, especially in a vast and populous country such as India. International agencies, the Government of India, State Governments and numerous NGOs will have to work together with the strong will, wisdom and tremendous energy to make the desire for universal primary education a reality in India.

Lack of education amongst the underprivileged, is the main ailment which is plaguing the notion and prevents all-round progress. We, at SaiDhom, genuinely believe that the education would bring in a realization to contain families and put a check to an unmanageable growth of population. SAIDHAM SCHOOLS ARE EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS like other best schools BUT AT NO COST TO THE PARENTS!!, An initiative of Shirdi Sal Baba Temple Society and its founder Dr. Motilal Gupta.