Sponsor Free Child Education and gift the child a future full of hope. Just Rs.700/- per month or Rs. 8,400/- per year per child can address issues that promote the overall development of a poor child from education, food, clothing, study material, sports, excursion tours, transport, health care and creating better living conditions for their families in the future.Charity begins at Saidham! “Shirdi Sai Baba Foundation”.

Sponsor Free Child Education in India.

It’s a fact that because of Sponsor child education less than half of India’s children between the age 6 and 14 go to school.  This accounts to a staggering ratio of 35 million children aged 6-14 being deprived of education whereas 53% of girls of 5 to 9 years are illiterate.

Children are the future of this world.  Watching them grow reminds us of the childhood we fathomed.  But still when we watch a child begging, a small kid at a tea shop or roadside eatery working his small hands wash utensils, his closing eyes constantly trying to resist sleep and bearing the grunt of the boss.  The situation as a whole makes our soul squeak in pain and helplessness. Let’s Sponsor child free education in India and consider our children in this place and feel how hard it is to digest the feeling.

Today watching such instances has become very much a regular thing but if we have the will to give a helping hand for the betterment of underprivileged children, it all depends upon our desire to do so by educating him and promoting his upbringing.  There is no one who can stop the good from happening! In simple terms, we can always sponsor Free child education in India.

Sponser Free Child education

Sponser Free Child education

Saidham Foundation- Sponser Free Child education at Shridi Sai baba School.

Saidham foundation runs under the aegis of Dr. Motilal Gupta, the founder of this NGO of Sponsor free child education who believes that every child must have the right to education, healthcare and proper upbringing. The institute being a frontrunner in Sponsoring free child education and healthcare to over 2000 children across Faridabad and Bundelkhand is an exemplary representation of how the deprived children of a society can be molded into becoming elite citizens of the country.

Saidham foundation has been working incessantly over the past three decades to providing the path to make a huge difference in the lives of countless kids who would otherwise be considered aimless liabilities to the community.  The institute provides an open forum to kids from poor families attain world class education if comparison is made with any renowned private schooling curriculum.

There are many NGOs which are working in India for Sponsor free child education but if we desire to sponsor a successful child education driven program, we must have a little bit of responsibility to check the credentials of the education system which the NGO declares because ultimately, its not our donation that matters.  Far more importantly, it’s the caliber of the institute to inculcate valuable teaching principles in the children.

When we talk about a good school, it must have all the facilities similar to a reputed private school from comfortable classrooms to a full library setup to smart learning systems and a computer lab, all of which become part of today’s competitive erudition.

At Saidham foundation, there is in fact promotion of both spiritual and subjective learning going parallel with every child’s growing years.  The morning assembly followed by a devotional prayer begins the day with meditation. After completion of the half day learning, the children are served fresh and healthy sumptuous meal because healthy body means healthy mind.  Just like other schools, they have annual function day where cultural activities are performed with great enthusiasm by these children. Not to forget the mention of periodic interstate sabbaticals which is a favorite among children where they learn the importance of team work and cooperation.  The school has undertaken regular picnics in the past to distant places like Gir forest, Ranthambore, Corbett National Park, Taj Mahal, etc. and learned a lot of our national treasure and heritage.

Sponser Free Child education

Sponser Free Child education

Sponser Free Child education

Sponser Free Child education


Students at Sai baba temple society are completely taken care of.  Their parents need not worry anything, with total education and healthcare free of cost.  They are not charged anything for their dress, shoes, school bag, books, stationary or food.  In addition, there is transport facility too facilitating kids to school. In fact, the interstate itinerary is also part of their learning process.

If we can afford to Sponsor free Child Education in India for as low as the amount of a family pizza or a pair of slippers, Rs.700/- per child per month, what more can we expect?  Associating with Saidham has made very easy to sponsor child education in India.

Dr. Gupta has devoted all his years to the cause and become a source of inspiration for others to follow as he has come ahead across all quarters to Sponsor education in India.  He has transcended the education system into a matchless experience which even the distraught can enjoy. With the latest computer laboratory and a smart projector-based process, learning is fun at Saidham.  In the premises, a nearby healthcare facility always caters to the kids’ fitness and wellbeing.  Overall, the children are endorsed with a part of spiritual awakening in an effort to bring about a good human being from an unpolished childhood.


Saidham has the option to Sponsor Free Child education on a yearly basis or as the privileged Donator wishes.

It becomes even more relevant to Sponsor free child education in India in the face of so many kids and specially girls living under oppressed conditions, many of whom are devoid of even a single day meal and most searching for a living end up becoming unwanted lot, criminals or petty thieves.  Penury is the main root of all this situation in India and awareness its awakening. Let’s all pledge to remove this obstacle from the life of today’s blossoms so they too lead a respectful life and become shining stars of tomorrow’s success stories.