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marriage ceremony
marriage ceremony
marriage ceremony
marriage ceremony
marriage ceremony
marriage ceremony

Women Empowerment – SaiDham Foundation

To mitigate hardship of poor parents, mass marriage of about 25 girls is performed four times in a year i.e. about 100 marriages per year, irrespective of caste and creed and without any expenditure to their parents.

This is being primarily done to solve the difficulties, poor people face in arranging funds for marriage of their daughters for which often they are forced to borrow few thousand Rupees on interest even at 5% per month. What to talk of principal many a times they are unable to repay the interest throughout their lives.

After the girl’s parents have fixed the bridegroom, they are to approach us to register their request for marrying their daughters on our subsequent mass marriage function. On the scheduled marriage day, the bride and bride groom parties reach our place i.e. SaiDham at about 10.00 AM whence breakfast is served to them. Thereafter brides are given hairdo and facial treatment by our volunteers and taken to the main hall where Jai Mala- a ritual is performed followed by other rituals and Pheras conducted with recitation of hymns (Mantras) by a couple of priests.

More than two thousand persons partake in each such function which includes brides and bridegrooms friends, relations and our distinguished guests. The couples are given numerous
household items of daily use, including a cycle- a mode of transport, as gift at the time of Bidai (departure).

This humanitarian service is being acclaimed by one and all and is performed with the support of many dedicated philanthropists.

The Evils of Dowry

The dowry system in India has ancient roots. It was started for the purpose of achieving the noble intention of providing a share in the family wealth to the girl child who was to be given away in marriage to another family. The women in that era enjoyed a special position and were highly respected in the Hindu Society.

Gradually with the advent of outer influences, this system took an ugly turn and today the dowry system has become the bane of our society, so much so, that many a times the pregnancy is got terminated when it is found that the child in the womb is a girl. As a result, the percentage of women as compared to men in India has gone down to 80- 85%. The main reason for this aversion towards the female child is the incapacity of the parents in meeting the huge expenditure involved in performing marriages of their daughters.

In most of the cases, parents are forced to spend huge amounts on providing dowry in the form of cash, vehicle, ornaments, clothes, presents, over and above on feasts to a very large number of guests as also on decoration causing a lot of worry and giving such parents sleepless nights. The buck does not end here and they perforce are made to continue meeting the bridegrooms and their families demands even afterwards throughout their life.

We are aimed at providing Social, Educational and Economic Empowerment to Women and in addition to Education and Vocational Training, we also conduct free Mass Marriage.