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India suffers from a high unemployment rate, especially among young people. The International Labour Organization estimated that unemployment among young people between the age of 15 and 24 is up to twice as high as among the general population. The young from the villages/ slums, who urgently need employment and opportunities to raise their income, for them vocational training is an option to increase the chances of getting a job. Vocational training serves as a valuable tool in reducing the mismatch between demand and supply, which is quite noticeable today.

Sai Dham provides Vocational Training to the poor and under-privileged out of the realization, that majority of these students cannot pursue a long academic career for various reasons. There was, therefore, a great need to equip boys and girls in the slums and resettlement colonies, to earn their livelihood.


To provide an opportunity to girls/women, hailing from under-privileged segment of the society, the institution is imparting free training in the trade of tailoring on industrial sewing machines and within 3 months of training arrange placements of the trainees in export houses at a monthly salary of Rs. 5,000/- per month with ESI & PF benefits and free crèche facilities for a child who is below one year of age.


To make education compatible with the modern technology, in the year 2009, we decided to introduce high quality computer education. In our attempt we successfully liaised with Dr. Nilima Sabharwal, founder & CEO of the Home of Hope Inc a USA based non-profit organization to provide new technology based computer lab consisting of 24 computers and coaching through the famous NIIT Foundation, New Delhi for the overall development of these children. Now one computer lab has been added courtesy the Rotary Clubs of Faridabad (India). In the afternoon the labs have been opened for free training to young boys and girls.

Courses to be added

The management is planning to add more vocational training courses in due course of time.

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